Human capital: reforming the professional training system will strengthen the cyber protection of state information resources

06.01.2023 14:48

On December 8-9, the National Qualifications Agency held a large-scale International Forum "Human capital: security, recovery, European integration". Representatives of the Government, ministries, state bodies, educational institutions, deputies, Ukrainian and international experts discussed the task of developing the National Qualifications System and its inclusion in the European Qualifications System.

One of the Forum's panels was devoted to professional qualifications in the field of security and defense - considerable attention was also paid to the issue of reforming the system of training professional personnel in the field of cyber security. After all, it is impossible to build and maintain effective protection systems in the cyber and information space without specialists whose knowledge, skills, and competencies meet modern requirements and realities.

Oleksandr Yudin, the scientific secretary of the State Research Institute of Cyber Security Technologies of the State Special Communications Service, spoke at the event about the work on the formation of the national framework of cybersecurity qualifications and on the creation of new professional standards in the field of cyber security. This process takes place with the support of the USAID Project "Cybersecurity of Critically Important Infrastructure of Ukraine".

Oleksandr Yudin emphasized that the best international approaches and experience were taken into account when developing new professional standards. First of all - the Strategic Education Initiative in the field of cyber security of the USA (NICE). "The development of professional standards took place on the basis of the implementation of the American NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, and also took into account the basis of the European framework - the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework," he notes.

Important steps that have already been taken include:

     For the first time in many years, changes were made to the state classifier of professions and new professions in the field of cyber security and information security were added. In total, there are now 27 of them in the classifier.
     This year, on the initiative of State Special Communications, six new professional standards were developed and approved in November for such professions as information security systems developer, network and systems administrator, information security specialist, information and telecommunications security analyst, security specialist, instructor - information security and cyber security methodologist. In 2023, the State Special Communications Service plans to develop professional standards for 14 other new professions included in the classifier.

"The next important task is the creation of qualification centers where certification procedures for cyber security specialists will take place in accordance with professional standards. And they will also confirm their qualification level," Oleksandr Yudin summarized.

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