If you wish to obtain or certify a professional qualification, you need:

1. Decide on a certain profession and qualification. During the course, there will be checks. At the moment, our qualification center has the possibility to confirm the following profession qualifications: Developer of information protection systems Young administrator of networks and systems Administrator of networks and systems Professional administrator of several systems

2. Familiarize yourself with the standard profession to which the profession qualification belongs. (link here). Returning attention to the overflow of labor functions of the chosen professional qualification.

3. To successfully prepare for the test, familiarize yourself with the following documents from the "Professional qualifications" section of the site: "Procedure of assignment and confirmation" (link to the page):

- The procedure for assigning and confirming professional qualifications (according to your chosen professional qualification) - here is described the complete procedure for assigning and confirming which you can obtain the chosen professional qualification. Choose a document according to your chosen professional qualification.

- The regulation of the assessment procedure for professional qualifications (according to the professional qualification you have chosen) - here it is carefully described which topics will be included in the test for each professional qualification, in which ratio there will be questions from different topics in your test, which topics will consist of theoretical and practical parts, how much time will be allocated for testing, etc. Choose the regulation according to your chosen professional qualification.

- Methodological recommendations for evaluating specialists in accordance with professional standards in the field of information security and cyber security - here is a detailed description of the procedure for assigning and confirming professional qualifications.

4. Prepare in advance the necessary documents for submitting an application for the assignment and confirmation procedure. Prepare documents: original and electronic copies. Electronic copies must have a personal electronic digital signature (EDS) of the applicant.

Below is a list of required documents.

Mandatory documents:

copy of passport (1 copy) (ID card, permanent residence card, refugee card, identity card requiring additional protection) - 1-2 pages and all pages with markings, photos, records or markings are provided in the copy of the passport ; for other documents, copies of all pages are made. a copy of the work book (1 copy), all pages with notes and notes (if available);

copies of educational documents (1 copy) (in the case of a foreign document, a relevant certificate of its recognition in Ukraine);

a copy of the personal medical book (if necessary or available);

the employer's letter about referring the employee to the evaluation/confirmation procedure (if available or as needed);

photo card (1 unit) in the format 3x4 cm; consent to the processing of personal data (in the form - download here).

Additional documents (optional):

other documents (evidence), submitted on the individual's own initiative, confirming his professional competence;

The list of documents is not exhaustive. You can optionally add additional documents confirming your professional abilities, achievements, additional skills, special abilities, etc.

5. Form a statement in paper and electronic form. Application form - download here. Application form - download here (link)

6. If you have any questions during the preparation process, contact the Qualification Center, preferably by e-mail using the form on the website in the "Applicants" section, "Ask questions" subsection (link). You can choose "other" as the subject of the letter.

7. If you have clarified everything, send an application for the procedure of assignment and confirmation of professional qualifications for the qualification you have chosen.

We send the application in electronic form together with electronic copies of documents. All files must be signed with an electronic digital signature (EDS).

Submission of application in electronic form:

Application of the established model
Mandatory documents for the application
Additional documents to the application

Attach all files separately, without creating an archive. Each file must be confirmed (signed) by the applicant's personal electronic digital signature (EDS). Each document is in a separate file. The file format is .pdf
The name of each file is formed by small Latin letters: pib_name of the document.pdf 

… and so on

If the technical conditions for submitting files are not met, the documents will not be accepted.

8. Wait for a notification about the acceptance of documents and an invitation to an interview.

Good luck!