Strengthening Ukraine's personnel potential in the field of cyber security: new professional standards will help solve the problem of a shortage of specialists and strengthen the state's cyber resilience

06.01.2023 14:09

The issue of reforming the system of training professional personnel in the field of cyber security is long overdue for Ukraine. And as a result of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, which is ongoing in cyberspace in particular, it has significantly escalated. The market lacks specialists with skills and qualifications that would meet the modern requirements of employers.

This week, representatives of the State Security Service, other entities of the national cybersecurity system of Ukraine, the USAID Project "Cybersecurity of Critically Important Infrastructure of Ukraine", international experts discussed the prospects of reforms and further plans for the training of specialists during the Round Table "Formation of the National Qualification Framework for Cybersecurity".

During the event, the deputy head of the State Special Forces Oleksandr Potii presented the Concept of building the personnel potential of Ukraine in the field of cyber security and noted that its main goal is the construction and development of a sustainable ecosystem of education, professional training and labor resources.

"We have four strategic priorities. The first is the establishment of a cyber security culture in society. It is important for us to have an informed and knowledgeable population with the basic skills to behave safely in cyberspace. The second is the development of a sustainable system of personnel training in the field of formal education: qualified specialists should graduate from educational institutions. The third is the development of the professional training system, the development of labor resources. And the fourth is the strengthening of the personnel potential and the formation of the personnel reserve of the main subjects of the National Cyber Security System," Oleksandr Potii noted.

The deputy head of the State Special Forces focused special attention on the issue of developing the system of professional training and development of the workforce, in the solution of which an important role belongs to the new professional standards.

We will remind you that last year 17 new professions in the field of cyber security were added to the state classifier. And this year, for six of them, the State Intelligence Service, together with experts and with the support of the USAID Project "Cybersecurity of Critically Important Infrastructure of Ukraine", developed new professional standards. They were approved at the end of November. In particular, we are talking about the professions of a developer of information protection systems, a network and systems administrator, a specialist in the field of information protection, a security analyst of information and telecommunication systems, a specialist in security issues and an instructor-methodologist in information security and cyber security.

"When developing professional standards and adding new professions to the state classifier, we take into account both the requirements of the labor market of Ukraine and the recommendations of the US Strategic Education Initiative NICE and the EU Cyber Security Agency ENISA. The introduction of new professional standards will significantly improve the quality of education and personnel potential in the field of cyber security," Oleksandr Potii emphasized.

Among the immediate plans is the preparation of professional standards for other professions in the field of cyber security. And also - the creation of a system of qualification centers where specialists will be able to confirm the suitability of their knowledge and skills for the positions they apply for or hold.

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